Background: Burn injury is one of the major causes
of morbidity and mortality in our country. Study of
epidemiological characteristics of burn injury helps
in planning of the prevention and upgradation of its
treatment facility.

Material and Methods: This is a hospital based
retrospective epidemiological study of the burn
patients admitted in our center from September 2018
to April 2019.

Results: In total 52 patients were included in this
study. There was a slight preponderance of female
patients over male patients. Mean age of the patients
was 34.77± 29.16 years. Eighty percentage of burn
injury occurred inside house. Majority of burn cases
were scald burn followed by flame burn. Percentage
total body surface area involved in burn had a mean
of 14.183 ± 8.224. Lower extremity was the most
commonly involved area. Total duration of hospital
stay was 18.21 ± 13.656 days. Out of total patients
only four patients needed admission in Intensive
Care Unit (ICU). Regarding outcome, 88.5% patients
survived while 9.6% patients died and 1.9% patient
went on discharge on request.

Conclusion: Burn injury is a preventable condition
with high rate of morbidity and mortality. Burn
patients have prolonged hospital stay as recovery
is slow. Awareness programs for prevention of burn
injury are needed to decrease the incidence of the
burn injury.

Keywords: Burn, Epidemiology, Western region, Nepal