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A Comparative Study of Single Layer Versus Double layer Intestinal Anastomosis

Gurung A., Shrestha S., Shrestha D., Paudel S., Shrestha D., Shrestha A., Baral D.

Metabolic Syndrome in Subclinical and Overt Hypothyroidism

Thapa B., Bhatta B., Tiwari M., Gurung S., Gurung M., Kalauni M.

Patient satisfaction in middle ear surgery under monitored anaesthesia care

Lama M., Sigdel R., Gurung S., Bogati K., Ranjit B.

Negative Urine B-hCG Pregnancy Test in Chronic Ectopic Pregnancy – a Case Report

Parajuly S., Shrestha A., Singh D., Regmi R., Adhikari R.

Profile of Risk Factors Associated with Stillbirth at Western Regional Hospital

Regmi R., Parajuly S., Dela S., Shrestha N., Sharma S.

Acceptance of Family Planning Methods by Clients Availing Safe Abortion Service

Adhikari R., Sharma G., Dhungana P., Adhikari K., Maharjan P.

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