Introduction: Warts caused by human papilloma virus are common problem. Various methods of treatment are available including immunological methods. In this study we aim to measure the efficacy of immunologic treatment of cutaneous warts with intralesional injection of purified protein derivative.

Materials and Methods: All the patients presenting to the Out-patient Department of Dermatology and willing to participate for the treatment of warts and not falling under the exclusion criteria were included as study cases. Each of them were given the injection into the largest lesion every fortnightly for total 3 injections. Length, breadth, number of lesions and any local changes at the site of injection were recorded in each visit.

Results: There was significant decrease in number of warts and length as well as breadth of the largest wart at the time of final assessment. Minimal and minor adverse events were noted during assessments post injection.

Conclusion: Intralesional immunotherapy with purified protein derivative is a safe, effective and tolerable therapeutic modality for the treatment of common warts at low cost.

Keywords: cutaneous warts, immunotherapy, purified protein derivative