Introduction: Empathy is the ability to understand
patients’ ability and experiences and capability to
communicate this understanding. Empathy plays
important role in maintaining the relationship
between patient and clinician. The aim of the study
is assessment of empathy among dental students at
a tertiary hospital in Nepal using Jefferson scale of
physician empathy questionnaire.
Materials and Methods: This questionnaire based
study was conducted among undergraduate students
at Universal college of Medical Sciences (UCMS),
College of Dental Surgery, Bhairahawa, Nepal. Data
was collected from third year, fourth year students
and interns who were exposed to clinical postings.
Empathy was assessed by the Jefferson Scale of
Empathy, a 20 item self-reporting questionnaire.
Results: Empathy scale scores for subjects of different
years of education showed statistically significant

Conclusion: Jefferson scale questionnaire is a self-
administered and self-perceived inventory which

reports empathy level among the interns was higher
than other dental undergraduates.

Keywords: Dental, Dentist, Education, Empathy, questionnaire