Introduction: The study aims to compare safety,
efficacy and early outcomes in patients who
underwent mono polar transurethral resection of
prostate (TURP) with and without bladder traction.

Materials and Methods: A retrospective
comparative study was conducted in the Department
of Urology, Manipal Teaching Hospital from
August 2018 to August 2020 among the patients
who underwent Traction TURP (TT TURP)
and Traction less TURP (TL TURP). Patients’
demographic profile, preoperative investigations
and perioperative parameters were noted.
Postoperatively requirement of reapplication of
traction, bladder washes, requirement of tranexamic
acid for haematuria, Visual Analogue Score (VAS)
score after 8 and 12 hours, length of hospital stay
was compared between the two groups.

Results: There were total of 120 patients who
underwent TURP. Among them 56 patients
underwent Traction TURP (control group) and
64 patients underwent Traction less TURP (study
group). There was no significant difference in
terms of postoperative continuous haematuria, clot
retention, blood transfusion or fall in haemoglobin.
However there was significant difference in VAS
after 8 hours (7.12 vs3.18; p=0.00) and 12 hours
(5.78 vs1.71; p=0.00), requirement of additional
analgesia (80.4% vs. 9.4%; p=0.00) and length of
hospital stay (5.48 vs. 3.80; p=0.00).

Conclusion: Traction less TURP in patients
undergoing mono polar TURP is safe and is
associated with significantly lower morbidity.


Keywords: Traction, Prostate, Hypertrophy