Introduction: Acute tonsillitis is a common
problem in patients who present to the Ear, Nose,
Throat Out Paitent Department (ENT OPD).
Children and young adults are commonly affected.
Antibiotics are generally prescribed in such patients
empirically. This study aims to find out the common
agents causing acute tonsillitis and clinical response
to oral Cloxacillin.

Materials and methods: This is a cross sectional
observational study conducted from July 2018
to June 2019 in the Department of ENT, Pokhara
Academy of Health Sciences, Pokhara. Throat swab
was sent for culture and patients were prescribed
oral Cloxacillin. Patients were analyzed after
culture sensitivity reports for improvement of their
symptoms on 5th to 6th day of treatment. McIsaac
score less than 3 was considered as treated and
score >3 considered untreated.
Results: Acute tonsillitis was the most frequent in
age group 21-30 years and group A Beta hemolytic
streptococcus was the most common isolate.
Cloxacillin is found to be effective in the treatment
of acute bacterial tonsillitis.

Conclusion: This study suggests that oral Cloxacillin
is effective in treatment of acute tonsillitis & the
most common organism isolated was B Hemolytic


Keywords: Tonsillitis, cloxacillin, bacterial