Introduction: Goiter is the most common
diagnosis among thyroid swellings.Thyroid gland
cancer accounts for 1% of all cancers. Fine needle
aspiration cytology has emerged as a reliable tool
for diagnosis of thyroid swellings. It gives highly
accurate cytological information from which a
definitive management plan can be formulated.

Materials and methods: This is a retrospective
study, includingcytology reports of cases of thyroid
diseases over a three-year period, from Baisakh
2074- Chaitra 2076 B.S. (April 2016-May 2019
A.D.) Approval for study was obtained from
Institutional Review Committee, Pokhara Academy
of Health Sciences.

Results: Majority (88.57 %) of the patients were
females. Nodular goiter was found to be the
commonest diagnosis(64.28%).

Conclusion:Thyroid swellings can be diagnosed
early by cytology and it helps in management of


Keywords: Carcinoma, FNAC, goiter, thyroid swellings