Background: Stroke is one of the most common cause of
morbidity and mortality worldwide. Approximately 50-85
percent of strokes are due to ischemic cerebral infarction
and 7-27 percent to intracerebral hemorrhage. Since the
incidence of stroke is increasing in our country, the study
aims to identify various factors associated with stroke.

Materials and Methods: This is a retrospective study
of 86 patients admitted in A & B International Hospital,
which is a private hospital located in Pokhara ,Nepal
from 1st January 2018 to 31st December 2019.The case
notes were taken from hospital record section and relevant
data extracted and analyzed. Approval from the hospital
management was taken prior to collecting the case notes.
Patients below 18 years of age, stroke due to trauma were
excluded. The data were collected, and were analyzed
using SPSS version 20.0 software

Results: Of the total 86 patients studied, the age range
was from 36 years to 94 years with mean age of 64.3
years. Mean age in ischemic stroke was 66.7 years and
in hemorrhagic stroke was 54.8 years. Stroke is more
common in men than female (2.3:1 ratio) .Ischemic stroke
accounted for 80.2 percent of cases and hemorrhagic stroke
for 19.2 percent. Most common presentation included limb
weakness, facial deviation and speech abnormality .Most
common vascular territory involved was MCA territory
infarction and small vessel strokes.

Conclusion: Stroke is prevalent in our country and the
incidence rises with age .Ischemic stroke is more prevalent
than hemorrhagic stroke. Mean age of hemorrhagic stroke
is lower than that of ischemic stroke and hypertension is
most commonly associated risk factor for both types of


Keywords: hemorrhage, ischemia, profile, retrospective, stroke