Background: Various neoplastic and non-neoplastic
diseases affect the eye and orbit. Different tissues
of ocular area contribute to lesions that varies
from inflammation to different types of neoplastic
conditions. Histopathology is the key to diagnosis
for most neoplastic and non-neoplastic swellings.
Histopathological studies have the indirect role to
ongoing patient care.

Materials and Methods: It was a retrospective study
of ocular biopsies done in Himalayan Eye Hospital
Gharipatan, Pokhara. These biopsy specimens were
submitted during the period of one year (2018/12/1
to 2019/12/1).

Results: The total number of biopsies we analyzed
for ocular lesions were 102. Maximum number of
patients were from the second decade. Out of 102
cases, 7(6.86%) were neoplastic and 95(96.07%)
were non neoplastic cases. Two cases of SCC were
diagnosed out of 102 specimens, while one case each
of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and meibomian gland
carcinoma were detected.

Conclusion:Epidermal cyst and nevus were the most
common non-neoplastic lesions in this study. SCC
and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma were the commonest
malignant lesions in the present study.


Keywords: Histopathology, Squamous cell carcinoma, Nevus, non Hodgkin’slomphoma