Background:The OCMC (One stop crisis manage-
ment center) has been established in the recognized-
government hospitals of Nepal. The OCMC has

builtcoalition and create an organizational manage-
ment system with other organizations for providing

comprehensive health and treatment services, legal

aid services, and counseling services and make cer-
tain protection to the survivors of GBV (Gender

based violence) as well as to manage and control
GBV incident.Worldwide more than 119 countries
have laws on domestic violence, 125 countries

have laws on sexual pestering and 52 coun-
tries have laws on marital rape but still women are

suffering from different physical, sexual and Psy-
chological violence. Rape, hurt/battery, Indecent as-
sault, are the main forms of violence.

Materials and Methods: Study is conducted in
Western regional Hospital Pokhara, in OCMC (One

stop crisis management center).It is a cross-section-
al type of study. Data collected by the observation,

interview and case study from the survivors of vi-
olence, available published materials related to

women Violence and OCMC are also studied. Total

200 cases of GBV survivors came to OCMC cen-
ter of Kaski from 2073Baisakh to 2074Ashad and

included in the study as a primary source of data.

Conclusion and Result:Out of total 200 cases,
sexual offence victims were maximum in number

which was 140 and least were forced marriage vic-
tim which were only 4 in number. More than 50% of

dalit caste people were the survivors of GBV cases.
GBV cases were predominant in age group of 20-
30 years. Maximum numbers of victims of GBV in
sexual offence cases were alleged Rape cases which
accounts 85% of total cases came to OCMC center.


Keywords: One Stop Crisis Management Center, OCMC, Gender Based Violence, GBV, Medico le- gal case, sexual offence