Inguinal herniorrhaphy is a common general surgical
operation. The repair of recurrent hernia is difficult
surgery due to obscured and distorted anatomy and risk of
further recurrence. The aim of this study is to determine
the outcome in terms of operative time, hospital stay,
return to work, complications and recurrence of open
pre-peritoneal repair for recurrent inguinal hernias after
Lichtenstein tension-free hernioplasty.

Materials And Method:

It is a prospective observational study conducted
at Western Regional Hospital, Pokhara from 2013 to
2016 . A total of eight patients including referred from
other centers were included. Pre-peritoneal repair was

performed on recurrent hernias after Lichtenstein tension-
free hernioplasty. Age, sex, operating time, hospital stay,

time to return work, postoperative complications and
recurrence of patients were noted. Statistical analysis
was done using SPSS- 21. Patients were called for follow
up in 2 weeks, 3 months and 12 months time. Results:
Out of eight patients, seven were male, one was female
with mean age of 59.5 years. Recurrence was common
on direct inguinal hernia (six patients) who had previous
Lichtenstein hernioplasty. Mean operative time was 43.13
minutes (35 to 50 minutes), mean hospital stay was 2.5
days (2 to 4 days) and mean time to return to work was
8.12 days (7 to 10 days). There was hematoma formation
in one patient.

Conclusion: Pre-peritoneal mesh repair is
easy, safe, with less operative time, short hospital stay, low
recurrence and complication rate for recurrent inguinal
hernia after Lichtenstein hernioplasty.

Keywords: Hernia, Inguinal, Lichtenstein, Mesh, Pre- peritoneal