Background: Monitored anaesthesia care is a specific
anaesthesia service for diagnostic or therapeutic procedures
performed under local anaesthesia along with sedation and
analgesia titrated to a level with the provision to convert
into general anaesthesia when required. We conducted a
retrospective study to determine patient satisfaction in middle
ear surgery under monitored anaesthesia care.

Materials and Methods: The number of patients undergoing
middle ear surgery under monitored anaesthesia care, over
a period of one year were included. They received sedation
with midazolam 0.02 mg/kg and fentanyl 1 mcg/kg along
with local anaesthetic infiltration. Patient’s satisfaction was
measured using a five point Likert scale. Intraoperative pain,
nausea, vomiting and other discomforts were inquired.

Results: The total number of patients was 64. Fifty-one
patients (79.7%) were satisfied, 10 were neutral (15.6%)
and 3 patients (4.7%) were dissatisfied with the technique.
Earache (4.7%), followed by dizziness (3.1%) and bodyache
(3.1%) were the most common cause of discomfort. Nausea
occurred in 6 patients (9.4%) and vomiting in 5 patients

Conclusion: Middle ear surgeries can be performed under
monitored anaesthesia care with good patient satisfaction.

Keywords: Satisfaction, middle ear surgery, monitored anaesthesia care