Choriocarcinoma is a progressive malignant
neoplasm of trophoblastic cells. It is of two types:
gestational or non-gestational choriocarcinoma.
Gestational choriocarcinoma is derived from
placental trophoblast and non-gestational
choriocarcinoma is derived from germ cells. The
hematogenous spread is common in the lungs,
liver, brain, and other visceral organs. The
incidence of germ cell tumors in children is rare.
In this case study, we report a case of a two years
old child with a germ cell tumor, choriocarcinoma
based on microscopic and laboratory findings.
The majority of studies have suggested that the
diagnosis of pure non-gestational choriocarcinoma
should be limited to premenarcheal patients.
Timely diagnosis and the use of chemotherapy can
lead to a better survival rate.


Keywords: Choriocarcinoma, Non-gestational, Trophoblastic cells, neoplasm