Introduction: Job satisfaction of a nursing
workforce is a burning issue worldwide. Quality
nursing care highly depends on satisfaction among
nurses. The main objective of this study was to
assess the factors affecting job satisfaction among
nurses working at Western Regional Hospital,
Pokhara, Nepal.

Materials and Methods: A descriptive crosssectional study design was used to conduct the study
among 137 nurses using non probability convenience
sampling technique. The data was analyzed by
using descriptive (frequencies, percentages, mean
and SD) and inferential statistics (Chi square test
was used at 5 % level of significance).
Results: The study showed that 73.7% of the nurses
working in hospital had moderate, 16.8% had low
and 9.5% nurses had high level of job satisfaction.
Nurses’ job satisfaction was higher on the
environmental factors (88%) than in organizational
factors (76.6%). Professional qualification of the
nurses had significant association with the level of
job (p 0.05).

Conclusion: It can be concluded that majority
of the nurses are moderately satisfied with their
job. Hospital administration and professional
associations need to address the identified issues
to enhance the level of job satisfaction ensuring
quality nursing care.


Keywords: Nurses, Job satisfaction, Contributing factors