Introduction: Endoscopic biopsies are easy and
safe out patient based procedure that provides
accurate diagnosis of patients having symptoms of
gastrointestinal tract. Histo-pathological findings
are one of the gold standard for the confirmatory
diagnosis of lesions detected in endoscopy.

Materials and Methods:A two year retrospective
study was carried out in 100 upper gastrointestinal
endoscopic biopsies. Endoscopic upper
gastrointestinal biopsies were fixed in 10% formalin
solution. Routine Hematoxylin & Eosin stain and
Giemsa stain was done to detect Helicobacter pylori.

Results: Out of 100 patients most common
histo-pathological finding was chronic gastritis
(n=57; 57%) followed by dysplesia (n=16; 16%)
and chronic gastritis with intestinal metaplasia
(n=12;12%). 14(24.6%) of chronic gastritis patients
were Helicobacter pylori positive, 2(16.7%) of
chronic gastritis with intestinal metaplasia were
Helicobacter pylori positive and none of the patients
with dysplesia were Helicobacter pylori positive.
14(14%) of the specimen were malignant out of
which 13(92%) were adenocarcinoma and 1(8%)
was squamous cell carcinoma.

Conclusion:Early detection of Helicobacter pylori
and its eradication is important to prevent chronic
gastritis and complications.


Keywords: Gastroduodenoscopy, Histopathology, Upper GI lesions