Background:- Anesthesiologist plays a major role
in operation theatre, intensive care unit, resuscitation
and pain management. Though many patients are
unaware of importance regarding anesthesiologist
and anesthesia pre and intraoperative period.
This present study was conducted to know the
knowledge of patients regarding anesthesia and

Materials and Methods:- The present study was
a cross sectional study which conducted using the
predesigned questionnaire to assess the Knowledge
about anesthesiologist and anesthesia in patients and
attendants attending for Preanesthetic checkup at
outpatient clinic (PAC- OPD) of Pokhara Academy
of Health Sciences after taking voluntary informed

Result:- Of 76 participants, only 59.2% were
aware that an anesthesiologist is a doctor. About
43.4% of participants said that pre anesthesia
checkup is necessary if surgery is to be performed
under anesthesia 2.6% of participants said it is not
necessary whereas 53.9% doesn’t have an idea
regarding this.62% participants know smoking or
alcohol intake habit increase the risk of anesthesia.
And 56.6% participants said hypertension, diabetes,
thyroid disorders, bronchial asthma increase the
risk of anesthesia. About 52.6% of our participants
had good knowledge (score of ≥5)

Conclusion:- This study concludes that patients
have inadequate knowledge regarding the
importance of Pre-Anesthesia checkup, anesthetist
role during surgery. Hence it is important to know
anesthesiologists besides the surgeon should have a
critical role in treatment of patients. pre anesthesia
checkup before the surgery would certainly help
to reduce knowledge regarding the importance of
anesthesia and anesthetist’s role during surgery and
post op period.


Keywords: Anesthesia, Knowledge, Pre-Anesthesia Check up