Introduction: Vocal fold nodules present frequently
in the ENT outpatient department. Treatment of
vocal nodules involves a variety of voice therapies
and micro laryngeal surgery. The aim of the study
was to evaluate the effectiveness of voice therapy
for patients with vocal fold nodules in eliminating
or reducing the vocal nodules, rate improvement in
voice quality after therapy and to evaluate how many
sessions of therapy was required. The study wAs
conducted in Western Regional Hospital, Pokhara,
Department of ENT, Head and Neck Surgery.

Materials and Methods: A single institutional
retrospective observational longitudinal study was
conducted .Total 31 patients with diagnosis of
vocal fold nodules who underwent voice therapy
sessions from September 2007 to September 2008
were taken from the records for the study. Patient
demographics and post therapy outcomes were
analyzed using SPSS 21.

Results: Mean age was 35.57+/-12.53 SD of mean.
Majority were females (22) and Female: Male ratio
was 2.4:1. The mean percentage of patients who
attended less than 6 sessions were 60%. Those
who attended more than 6 sessions was 40%
.Voice quality showed signs of improvement in 22
patients and no change in 3 patients. Out of those
who attended, vocal fold nodules disappeared in 20
patients, persisted as grade 1 size in 2 patients and
3 patients didn’t show any signs of improvement.

Conclusion: Our results have shown promising role
of conservative management by voice therapy for
vocal nodules thus lessening the need for surgery


Keywords: Dysphonia, Vocal nodules, Voice therapy