Introduction: Acute poisoning, irrespective
of the etiology, is a medical emergency which
requires prompt diagnosis and treatment.
Such cases require ICU set up for better
management. Central level hospitals in Nepal
have ICU facilities to manage such cases.

Materials and Methods: Current study is a
retrospective type hospital based study conducted
in Western Regional Hospital, Pokhara. Data
collected from ICU department of Hospital in
a period of one year from 2073 Ashad 16 to
2074 Ashad 16. It was analyzed and presented.

Results: In this study it is observed that total 90
cases admitted in ICU department of WRH in a
period of one year. Female patients outnumbered
the male patients. Age group of 10-20 years is
predominance in present study. Most of the patients
were from Kaski district as the hospital belongs to
Kaski district and one of the renowned tertiary care
centers in the Gandaki province. Maximum number
of patients consumed the OP compound. Outcome
was better as out of 90 cases 80 were discharged and
only 10 were died during the course of treatment.

Conclusion: Early identification of the cause
and type of poisoning, close monitoring and
standard management, preferably in the ICU for
at least a first few days, reduces the complication
and improves the survival. The commonly
available insecticides and rodenticides are
the most common cause of acute poisoning.


Keywords: ICU, poisoning, western regional hospital