Introduction: Endodontics is specialty field, but
the majority of endodontic treatment in Pokhara
is provided by the general dental practitioners.
The aim of this study was to assess the practice
of endodontic treatment protocols among general
dental practitioners in Pokhara, Nepal.

Materials and Methods: A cross sectional
questionnaire based study was conducted among all
the general dental practitioners working in various
government, private hospital and clinic of Pokhara.
Information about the materials and techniques
used in endodontic treatment was collected and
descriptive statistical analysis was done.

Results: Out of 89 respondents, only 82 completely
filled the questionnaires which were included
in the study. Most general dental practitioners
(96.34%) regularly treat single rooted endodontic
cases. Only 10.97% occasionally use rubber dam
during endodontic treatment. Most general dental
practitioners (96.34%) used radiographic technique
for working length determination. Ninety two
percent used stainless steel hand files and step back
was the choice of technique by 90.24%. Sodium
hypochlorite irrigation and calcium hydroxide
intra canal medicaments were used by 93.9% and
98.78% of general dental practitioners respectively.
75.6% used zinc oxide eugenol as root canal sealer
and 95.12% obturated root canals with lateral
compaction technique. The common complication
encountered was mid treatment pain. They seem to
overuse antibiotics in cases requiring endodontic
therapy. Only 52.43% used autoclave for sterilization
of endodontic files. About 92.68% felt the need of
further endodontic training and 74.39% preferred
post graduate program.

Conclusion: This study indicates that many general
dental practitioners of Pokhara are not following
well acknowledged endodontic quality guidelines;
hence there is a need for further endodontic training.


Keywords: Endodontics, general dental practitioners, Treatment protocols