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Prevalence, Risk Factors and Short-Term Outcomes of Low Birth Weight Infants Born during Covid Pandemic - A Prospective Case Control Study

Paudel A., Shrestha S., Bastola R., Sigdel Y., Ghimire S., Baral R., Bhattarai P., Thapa P., Paudel S.

Assessment of Empathy among Dental Students Using the Jefferson Scale of Empathy

Tripathi R., Batra M., Khanduri N., Bali H., Gupta S., Rahotgi S.

Alteration of Liver Function Tests following Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Paudel S., Gurung N., Acharya A., Baral D., Banstola L.

Knowledge and Attitude of Nurses on Pain Management

Chhetry R., Karki S., Regmi R., Poudel K.

Prevalence, Risk factors and Outcome of Perinatal Asphyxia in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Nepal

Ghimire S., Shrestha S., Bastola R., Sigdel Y., Ghimire A., Baral R., Bhattrai P.

Quality of Life in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease undergoing Maintenance Hemodialysis

Subedi B., Karki S., Khadka S., Adhikari R., Paudel P., Lamichhane S., Timilsina B., K.C A.

Health Related Quality of Life in Diabetic Patients in Pokhara Metropolitan City

Magar K., Sharma S., Adhikari S., Gurung B., Poudel K., Poudel A.

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