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Pre-peritonial Repair for Recurrent Inguinal Hernia after Tension free Hernioplasty

Paudel S., Gurung N., Adhikari D., Acharya A., Shrestha S., Gurung A., Shrestha D., Ghimire Paudel A., Baral B., Baral D.

Correlation of serum thyroid stimulating hormone with body mass index in healthy adults.

Baral B., Koirala M., Lamichhane B., Paudel S., Banstola L., Nepal A., Sharma S.

A prospective study on effectiveness of drotaverine in acceleration of labor

Dhungana P., Adhikari R., Pageni P., Koirala A., Nepal A.

A Comparative Study of Single Layer Versus Double layer Intestinal Anastomosis

Gurung A., Shrestha S., Shrestha D., Paudel S., Shrestha D., Shrestha A., Baral D.

Metabolic Syndrome in Subclinical and Overt Hypothyroidism

Thapa B., Bhatta B., Tiwari M., Gurung S., Gurung M., Kalauni M.

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